Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh how we love the cricut!!!!

We are completely convinced that anyone who has children of any age need access to a cricut machine.  Life opens up with so many possibilities its amazing.  We were working on bake sale donations and found a new use for the Art Philosophy Cartridge.  Just one more way to eliminate plates and add an extra touch.  Carnival theme paper for the Spring Fair and Musical Theme paper for Fine Arts.  Hope they make a little extra from the proceeds.  Just one more easy way to help out and add an extra homemade touch.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yes, we are still out here...

It's been too long since we last posted, we know that.  But sadly other focuses have cut into our creativity time and we haven't had a chance until now.  We created a few Spring Gift ideas, great for Mother's Day, Father's Day or just Happy Spring/Summer to anyone for any reason.  For further stock and colors be sure to check out our Sale Item tab above for a full selection of available gift ideas, pricing, ect.

New Quilled Brooches:

We have added to our Quilled Brooch Line for the season.  Of course we also have Christmas ones available but we are working on a few that can be worn year round.

Card Boxes Revisited:

In a previous post we debuted Gift Card Boxes with Embossed cards, these boxes are the perfect size to fill with anything, not only Gift Cards but something a little extra as well.  We have been working on a few for upcoming gifts and thought we would share.  Loose leaf steeped tea and Keurig machines are popular with family and friends and small enough to provide the added home made touch very easily.  The Gift Card Envelopes provide the perfect size to hold a hand filled tea bag further packaged in a resealable ziplock style baggie.  No muss, no fuss.